Raving Fans

Great job on my website creation! They were very responsive and always willing to listen to the ideas I had about how I wanted my website to look. Things were done in a very timely manner. I was so pleased I have used them to revise my website as well.
Abby Tomkiewicz
I can only say positive things about Rakhi and her team. I am not very computer savvy and they are always able to explain certain things, make changes and revisions to my website. You can always count on projects to be on time, reasonable prices, and professionalism. Highly recommended.
Founder of Waggity Tails
I was introduced to Rakhi and her team back in June and to be honest I was a little hestitant to go with her company just because they are so far away but I’m glad I did. The distance has not been an issue at all. Rakhi is great about keeping in touch even after the work has been completed, which I love. My website turned out amazing, so amazing that I asked them to create a second one for me. Rakhi and her team are friendly and professional and their services are affordable. I would recommend them to anyone I know.
Heather Roffers
Founder of Companion Cuisine LLC
I have used Rakhi and her team to create numerous websites over the past 10 years. Their work is creative, detailed and has served me extremely well. I particularly appreciate their ability to take my raw ideas and give me back an attractive, effective rendition of what I am really looking for! The fact that I continue to use them for new projects after all this time speaks highly of their services.
Jane Warren
Before I began working with VIDA Biz Solutions, I spent HOURS researching and researching to learn about how to systemize my business but I ended up feeling frustrated and totally drained from the process because I simply did not know what I needed. However, working with VIDA Biz Solutions has allowed me the opportunity to focus more on serving my clients’ needs and to spend quality time with my family with the comfort of knowing that the things on the backend of doing business, such as marketing and research, web designing, social media branding as well as email response support, is well taken care of.Because of the systems put in place and the ongoing support being done by VIDA Biz Solutions, my business is able to run smoothly, and I have less stress. A special thank you to the Owner & Team Members at VIDA Biz Solutions.
MS, NCC, LPCMH, BCC Board Certified Business Coach, Trainer, & Speaker
Vida Biz Solutions is my go to company for all things technology! I am the owner of www.petnannymainline.com, www.petnannycoach.com and www.petwatchman.com. Having three web sites to manage used to be a challenge for me, but since finding this amazing company, they have made it so easy! They take care of all of the design work and updates to the sites. They help with my Infusionsoft campaigns, shopping carts and funnels. They also take care of the creation of attractive PDF’s, Google Analytics, mail merges, pop-up’s, article marketing, SEO, SMO, landing pages and the list goes on. I now don’t have to spend my time on these tasks, which took me forever. I can now delegate them to my Vida Biz Solutions team and they are completed to perfection in a flash, giving me the time to focus on growing my business. They have truly been a lifesaver! I highly recommend Vida Biz Solutions!
Colleen Sedgwick
Owner of www.petnannymainline.com
Founder of www.petnannycoach.com
Creator of www.petwatchman.com
We needed to raise funds for our Not-For-Profit Organization and needed a website quickly at an affordable cost. Our friend referred us to consider using Vida Biz Solutions. He told me that their service has been fast and honest people offering a very reasonable price. Vida Biz solutions delivered our website on time in a professional manner. We have been receiving many compliments and everyone likes the look of the website. We are very pleased with Rakhi who is in charge of the team. She speaks good English, reliable and patient in explaining things well. She always responds to your emails within 24 hours or less. She is flexible to accept our ideas too and willing to work together with you. We are in the middle of giving more work to Vida Biz Solutions and see how they can help us more.
Teresa Yeung
Founder of Go For the Gold with Daniel Owner of www.goforthegoldwithdaniel.ca
A business associate introduced me to VIDA Biz Solutions and her team. My first interaction with project manager sold me on working with them. I was very impressed by her level of professionalism and knowledge. They have created two websites, logos, etc and more to come. I look forward to a long term working relationship. I highly recommend VIDA Biz Solutions if you need any technical and web services. Great prices, professional work and delivered on time.
Iyea Brandy, MA
CEO Educator’s Resource